1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)

1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)
1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)
1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)
1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)
1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)
1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)
1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)

1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)

Nice certified coin of a popular date, but our opinion is that it deserves a slightly better grade. Nice rainbows with the right angle of light..

EC&A regards Customer Service extremely important to us for your satisfaction. We offer a 30-day inspection period, however, we cannot and will not guarantee any subjective opinion (that being a certain grade or condition) of a third party, nor guarantee that any mint error coin variety, die stage or die state mentioned will be labeled as such if it is not one recognized by the third party for labeling purposes. There are literally hundreds of known mint errors and varieties that are not recognized by all third parties for labeling purposes. Some recognize some, some recognize others that some don't.

We assume no liability or responsibility for any known mint errors that any third party refuses to recognize for their labeling purposes. Please know your coins, and the policies of the grader you choose. The policies of all the third-parties about what they do or don't recognize are just too vast and numerous for us to mention here. We seek out and sell ALL known mint errors, not just the ones recognized by the professional graders.

For example, a certain year/mint coin may have three known mint errors, but one grader may recognize just one, while another may recognize just two or all three. Any mention we may make of the condition of any raw coin, is truly only our opinion and not to be confused with being " a certain numerical grade ".

A "grade" is a numerical number from 1 to 70. We do try very hard to be precise in our opinion of condition, but we just cannot guarantee that any third party will agree with our subjective opinion of condition, as they may assign a different opinion that may be a higher opinion, a lower opinion or the same opinion of ours, yours or another third party. We do not offer these numerical grades on raw coins in our listings. We feel that 30 days is sufficient time to decide.

We guarantee that any graded and encapsulated coin listed that has been graded accordingly of the grade that appears on the holder by the third party company that has encapsulated it, to be the grade the third party assigned it. Because we try our very best to describe our coins as honestly as possible, some of our description is simply our subjective opinion that others may not agree with, and being that you will receive a free return label anyway, we kindly urge our clients not to choose "Not as Described", and simply choose "Changed my Mind" or "Just Didn't Like it". These reasons will still generate a free label. FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions. Is the coin in the listing the coin I will receive? We do not sell coins. That aren't the coin photographed and described. Has this coin been cleaned? When we list a coin that is known to have been. Cleaned, we will advertise it as such. However, we do sell raw coins and have a large.

Inventory whereby one may escape our scrutiny. Depend on your knowledge and numismatic expertise to inspect and determine the.

We do not use deception as a. Furthermore, normal circulation should not be considered or.

All circulated coins have been handled by many people and. Have been exposed to all kinds of environments.

While we do not make such listings intentionally, we do offer FREE. We also urge those that cannot ascertain the. Condition of a coin to seek a local evaluation from your local coin expert that can give. (usually) free and instant evaluations so that a return can be initiated within the 30-day. Reason for purchasing a coin and feel that.

Everyone has a varying degree of. Flexibility of their own acceptance of any coin that they may. Please know that we do sell raw coins, and we never clean coins. Don't want to keep! You mentioned a grade in your listing.

Can I expect that grade to be the same as. The grade a third-party grader will assign it?

First of all, if we mention a condition. This is just our opinion of the condition of the coin. It is not "a grade". A grade that is assigned to coins that have been graded by a third. We never use grades in our raw coin listings due to grading being.

We must be very clear on this subject. Any mention of condition is. Only our opinion, and a third party grader may assign a higher opinion, a lower. Opinion or the same opinion that we may mention, and will also assign a numerical.

Make a personal decision to either keep the coin, or to return it within 30 days of. Can I send your coin off to be graded?

Your coin of which you can decide what you want to do with it. They were received if it's decided to return it. Coin is not the variety you claimed it was in your listing. The reason being is that just because they don't recognize the.

Variety and refuse to label it as such, this does not mean the variety does not exist. It's simply because they refuse to label all known varieties. Has fourteen known varieties (VAM), but may only recognize one for labeling.

This does not mean the other thirteen do not exist. By sending it off, a raw. We may, however, reserve the right. You have a variety coin listed that I cannot find any information or published. Is this an actual real variety?

We don't list varieties that simply. If it's listed, it's known, but it may be because a professional grader.

May not recognize the particular variety. The most respected grader will not. Recognize a 1914/3-S Buffalo cent in attributing it on a holder, but another one does. It is because each company has its own standards it abides by with certain mint. There are actually 39 known varieties of the 1888 Indian Head cent, but the.

Most respected third-party grader recognizes only 5 and will not attribute the other. Many times, it's the amount of "significance" the grader applies to the variety.

Return window, and in the same condition and holder/flip in which it was sent to you. In, for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

This ensures that you will receive a full. Are your prices firm and can I make an offer? Our prices are usually very fair. For the coin being offered. We rarely accept offers, but we have been known to.

Is also important to note that our prices are not necessarily tied to any published. Value for any particular grade. When we assign a price, we take into consideration its. Rarity, condition, market demand, variety, die marriage, die stage/state, and eye. Appeal in various degrees from one attribute to the next that all plays into its rarity and.

This includes coins we attribute to a known variety that a professional. Grader may not recognize and therefore has no published value of it. This item is in the category "Coins & Paper Money\Coins: US\Half Dollars\Early Halves (1794-1839)".

mjrqwdft" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.

1812 Capped Bust Half Dollar Pcgs Vf-30 Nice Rainbows (cbh054)

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